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Featured Equipment:

Arbortech AS160 Allsaw

The Award Winning AS160 Brick and Mortar Saw featuring Allsaw Technology represents an equipment revolution in cutting technology in construction. Using a unique patented orbital cutting motion with two forward facing blades that combine to perform both a hammering and cutting action, the AS160 Brick and mortar saw allows for clear visibility and empowers the professional with the ability to cut square, cut deep, cut dry, and cut safe with no flydust. The AS160 offers extreme levels of precision, accuracy and control allowing the tool to be used for a wide range of applications, from heritage masonry work to electrical installations.

Engine Seize

ENGINE-SEIZE is designed to meet the requirements of the new Car Allowance Rebate Program (  ENGINE-SEIZE is a solution of sodium silicate designed to be added to the engine of a car after the oil has been drained.  After the oil is drained, replace the oil with ENGINE-SEIZE (typically two quarts) and run the engine.  For detailed instructions, please refer to for official requirements for disabling a vehicle.

With ENGINE-SEIZE, its easy as 1,2,3.
Step One: Drain the vehicle’s oil.
Step Two:  Replace the engine’s drained oil with two quarts of ENGINE-SEIZE.
Step Three:  Run the vehicle’s engine until it seizes.